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Blythe and I met over Memorial Day weekend in 2011 and have been together since. We have the coolest kids on the panet!

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I have been playing frisbee for 20 years, I have run more than 20 marathons (11 with my wife), and recently started playing disc gold after Violet was born.

Jordan (left) is a sophomore at Ball State and Madison is a junior at Zionsville High School. Many of you know blended families are simultaneously magical and challenging.

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Violet is a Covid baby and absolutely the coolest creation Blythe and I have made. Watching these three girls grow and evolve is my favorite scientific observation. Our kids will change the world!

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I love my career! I am a geologist and my job is my favorite hobby. I work for a global engineering and architecture company. We deliver sustainable design, engineering, and consultancy services for built and natural assets. I specialize in identifying, characterizing, and remediating chemical contamination of soil, groundwater, lakes, and rivers. Additionally, I respond to environmental emergencies such as train derailments and chemical spills.

I have worked for three companies in the same industry starting in 2001. I’ve worked on 100s of properties around Indiana (and around the country) completing soil logging, water well installation and sampling, lake and river sampling, remediation system design and installation, worker and community air monitoring, incident characterization and closure reports, human health and environmental risk assessment, field operations leader, environmental unit leader, and Safety Officer.

I am absolutely a team player and there is no job too small to be done well, especially when our only home, our planet, is concerned. There is no planet B. 

I am from and live in Johnson County but work in, well, I work all over. Over 23 years of work from Indianapolis to Miami to Santa Barbara, I have worked on 2 properties in Johnson County and both were short projects. That said, Johnson County is my comfort zone. I know my way around, many people in the county have been forced to spend time with me (K-12, sports teams, coaching, friends of friends, friends of family) over the many years. They allow me to call them friend because I have hung around the area for so long. Johnson County is also located in a good spot for access to Indianapolis and the hillier terrane of the less glaciated southern third of the state.

My children are the greatest loves of my life. Not only did I find a feeling of love that I had not previously known, I have learned to recognize that feeling in other deep family and friend connections. My wife, Blythe, is my favorite person and somehow our brains and how we think and see the world are very similar. While no human relationship is easy, we make a really great team. We inspire one another and the adventure that is our life is never dull!  She is also running for office this year. 

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